Alyssa Vilela
Education Intern

"I got involved with PFP because: I believe nutrition is a very important aspect of healthy living. In the future I hope to be a doctor so I need to be able to reach people of all ages the importance sustainable and healthy eating practices and PFP helps me build this skill set."

Hometown: Bethel, New York

Area of Expertise: Planning adventures

Area of Education: Science, Technology and Society with a minor focus in Anthropology

Favorite Veggies: Beets

Passions: Sustainable healthcare for everyone regardless of race, class or country, but on a smaller scale I'm really passionate about living in the moment and being grateful for everything in my life. 

Guilty Pleasures: Getting a lot of sleep! You know you should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night

After Hours You'll Find Me: Doing yoga and/or painting pictures of my cats but not simultaneously

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