Where soul meets soil 

Join us for nurturing and fun workshops around Poughkeepsie. No matter if you are coming to us or we come to you, we guarantee you'll leave having learned something new that you cam use everyday.  Register by clicking on the links below. 


Farm & Food Classes for Kids


Is your child an aspiring chef? A budding homesteader? Or does she just like to get her hands dirty? If so, sign up for one of our farm and food skill-building series for kids. Each series offers five classes, where kids get hands-on experience growing and preparing food, identifying vegetables, herbs and flowers, making projects, and having fun!


Celebrating Our Roots
 Eat the Rainbow
Literacy in the Garden

Workshops for Adults & Families

We lead workshops for children, teens, and adults with the goals of promoting healthy eating, self-sufficiency, and lifelong stewardship. Workshop themes include: organic gardening, herbalism, nature, cooking, food preservation, sustainability, wellness, history, and food justice. Workshops take place at PFP as well as at schools, libraries, farmers' markets, and other community-based sites.

Container Gardening Basics
Garden Polyculture: Companion Planting
Eating Well on a Budget
Herbs for Health and Healing
Nourishing Winter Soups
Healthy Cooking in Season
Kids vs. Vegetables
One World Kitchen
Saving Seeds: Relearning and Ancient Practice


Professional Development for Educators





How to Run a Cooking Workshop for Kids
How to Grow a Successful School Garden
Saving Seeds: Relearning and Ancient Practice
Nutrition in the Classroom

Multicultural Children’s Literature in the Garden