The family that works together grows together

We lead workshops for children, teens, and adults with the goals of promoting healthy eating, self-sufficiency, and lifelong stewardship. Workshop themes include: organic gardening, herbalism, nature, cooking, food preservation, sustainability, wellness, history, and food justice. Workshops take place at PFP as well as at schools, libraries, farmers’markets, and other community-based sites.

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Container Gardening Basics

Have you always wanted to garden, but do not have space? Learn how to grow food in tiny spaces like flowerpots on a patio or balcony. Find out about the local community garden plots that are available in the area. Participants will go home with a pot, soil, and something to plant.

Garden Polyculture: Companion Planting

Learn which garden vegetables benefit each other when grown together and which should be grown apart. The session will also touch on some flowers and herbs that can benefit your vegetable crops. 

Eating Well on a Budget

Discover the fun and value in cooking at home! In this hands-on workshop, participants will explore tasty affordable recipes and money saving strategies for planning and preparing nutritious meals and snacks.

Nourishing Winter Soups

In this hands-on soup-making workshop, participants will make and taste simple nourishing soups and leave with recipes and tips for making soups at home. 

Kids vs. Vegetables

Do you want your kids growing up strong and healthy, but are stuck with the question: how do I get my kids to eat more vegetables?  You’re not alone!  Let’s uncover some solutions together through a fun, interactive cooking class.  We will discuss some of the research about how we learn to like the foods we do, and what contributes to a positive experience when trying new foods.  Get our hands messy with some simple after-school snacks that include fresh foods and are low on sugar and contain nothing artificial.  We will also review how to make substitutions for basic food allergies which a lot of kids face: nuts, gluten and dairy.

Herbs for Health and Healing

Have you always wanted to know more about medicinal herbs and how to use them. Learn how to identify wild and cultivated herbs, their benefits, and how to prepare simple herbal products. 

Healthy Cooking in Season

Learn to prepare two dishes in this hands-on cooking workshop that can be prepared with different freshly harvested local ingredients depending on the season.

One World Kitchen

Travel around the world, without leaving your kitchen!  We will explore how to expertly flavor local summer ingredients with wisdom from global culinary traditions.  Our menu items include ingredients you can easily find, prepare in 20 minutes or less, are budget-wise, and completely delicious.  We make special effort to use flavors and foods that kids will actually eat!  Improve your knife skills as we review how to dice, julienne, and chiffonade vegetables.  Practice thinking like a chef to balance the 6 flavors in any dish.  

Saving Seeds: Relearning and Ancient Practice

Growing crops for their seeds is an ancient practice at the heart of food justice and sustainable gardening and farming. Learn how to grow and process seed crops to save money, develop locally adapted varieties, and maintain biodiversity.  Find out how they involve local teens in seed saving through their Seeds of the Food System project.


On Tuesday March 10th, Beatrix Clarke, a Poughkeepsie school nurse and herbalist by calling, lead the first of two workshops at the Poughkeepsie Public Library on the benefits of Herbs for Health and Healing. Beatrix has been a member of Poughkeepsie Farm Project’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program since 2000.