Making connection that will last a lifetime

Our immersive, hands-on healthy eating workshop series for children and their families features simple, affordable, and fun recipes.The workshop sessions have three components: nutrition classes for adults, healthy eating and vegetable gardening activities for children,and cooking workshops for the whole family. Together, they discover new vegetables, celebrate familiar ones, share money-saving techniques, practice recipe modification, learn appropriate cooking tasks for all ages, and discover the joy of sharing healthy food.


Celebrating Our Roots

A celebration of the contributions of black farmers to agriculture. Poughkeepsie Farm Project educators will share the story of Dr. George Washington Carver and prepare a delicious sweet potato recipe in his honor. 

Eat the Rainbow

Celebrate of the rainbow of vegetables and fruits that you can grow in your own garden! Learn how to prepare colorful snacks using produce of all shapes and colors with educators from Poughkeepsie Farm Project.

Literacy in the Garden

Garden educators from Poughkeepsie Farm Project will lead families in planting vegetables in a raised-bed garden.  Learn about plant and human health through planting activities and read alouds. For families with children Pre-K and up. Registration required.

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For the Love of Vegetables 

The minute a class of students step off of their school bus on to the farm, the excitement is palpable. The day may be grey, rainy, or even snowing, but the young pack of explorers can barely contain themselves because they know the next two hours hold adventure and discovery. Poughkeepsie Farm Project is a place that invites curiosity and unearths rich multi-sensory experiences.