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Poughkeepsie Farm Project takes great pride in our financial efficiency and accountability. We work to maximize the value of every dollar we receive. We encourage you to investigate before you donate. Click on the links below for independently verified information about the farm's finances.


501(c)3 Ruling
PFP Certificate of Incorporation
2015 990 and CHAR 500

For grantmakers, please contact Lee Anne Albritton or Jamie Levato if you are interested in providing funding for our work.
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Our impact on the community can be seen and felt

We welcome you to check our our programs and see for youself the good that is being done....


Our Programs


By the Number

Harvest Donation 2016

194,067 lbs of produce (up from 183,366 lbs in 2015)

Average lbs of food for whole full-season share 388 lbs (up from 315 in 2015)

Total donated (Sponsored and Food Share):

36,935 lbs (up from 30,210 lbs in 2015) - Valued at $74,850

Food share donation:

24,907 lbs (up from 20,286 in 2015) - Valued at $48,142

Sponsored share:

2,028 lbs - Valued at $26,708

Be a Part of the Beginning

In Seeds of the Food System, we grow and save seeds for local distribution and teach seed saving skills to dozens of teens each year. We inspire the application of botanical knowledge and gardening skills as well as a sense of community and self-sufficiency. 


Teens (14-18 years old) visit PFP and help to grow, harvest, process, test and package locally adapted seeds. PFP educators provide workshops in gardening, seed saving, and food systems. Sessions are open to all teenagers.


  • Preserve the ancient art of seed saving
  • Conserve biodiversity and genetic resources in an era of vulnerable agricultural monocultures and global climate change
  • Work toward regional sustainability and increase regional food security
  • Preserve cultural heritage
  • Gain public control and self-sufficiency of the seed supply and the food available to eat
  • Grow seeds that are adapted to organic growing practices in the northeast

For the Love of Veggies

The minute a class of students step off of their school bus on to the farm, the excitement is palpable. The day may be grey, rainy, or even snowing, but the young pack of explorers can barely contain themselves because they know the next two hours hold adventure and discovery. Poughkeepsie Farm Project is a place that invites curiosity and unearths rich multisensory experiences. A place to marvel at the rising steam of a colorful compost mountain, celebrate beneficial insects and dance the honey-bee-waggle, a place where getting dirty is encouraged, and above all, vegetables are king.