Herbal Home Remedies Workshop Series

Learn ancient techniques of plant medicine making with PFP herbalist Beatrix Clarke. Three workshops will demonstrate the art of tincturing, salve making and making winter remedies. You will be able to make your own home remedies.

Tincturing: Tuesday, August 29, 5-7pm. Herbs and their nutrients can be preserved over a long time. Plant materials are extracted in vinegar, alcohol or glycerine. We will make liquid herbal extracts for immunity, digestion and relaxation.

Salve Making: Tuesday, September 26, 5-7pm. Through the creation of healing salves, we can receive the benefits of herbs as well as alleviate dry skin. Learn how to makesalves and lip balms. (The same that are made by PFP herbalists).

Winter Remedies: Tuesday, November 7, 5-7pm. Winter brings its own health problems like colds, flu, coughs, and sore throats. Make herbal sore throat lozenges, a cough syrup and a natural vapor rub.


Members: $20 per workshop
Nonmembers: $25 per workshop
Take one or all workshops!

This workshop is full. Thank you to all of our participants!