Herbal Workshop Series

Learn ancient techniques of making plant medicine with PFP herbalist Beatrix Clarke. These six workshops will teach you about using herbs for health and healing and demonstrate the art of preparing your own herbal remedies. Register for just one or as many as you like!

Wild herbs and Tonics: April 24, 2018
Healing medicine is growing underfoot. Learn to identify common wild edible and medicinal herbs in the landscape of PFP. Make a tonic from mineral rich plants to get jump start on the spring. 

Women’s Health and Herbs: May 22, 2018
Women over centuries have used herbs safely and effectively. Explore herbal remedies that encourage your body to heal itself and help with common female conditions. Make an herbal supplement vinegar and an anti-fungal oil. 

Herbal First Aid: June 26, 2018
Explore wild and cultivated herbs to use for injuries, bug bites and for healing skin conditions. Learn how to put together your own herbal first aid kit. Make an insect repellent.

Herbs for Bones, Muscles and Joints: August 28, 2018
Learn about herbs that keep your bones, muscles, and joints strong and healthy through a healthy diet and natural remedies and salves. Make a liniment. 

Skin Health and Salve Making: September 25, 2018
Incorporate herbs into your diet and skin care routine to promote naturally healthy skin. Meet the herbal starts for skin health and make a calendula salve.

Herbs for Immunity and Infections: October 23, 2018
Getting ready for winter, this class helps you to keep your immune system strong and introduces you to effective and simple remedies for health problems during the winter. Make an Echinacea tincture. 


Members: $25 per workshop
Nonmembers: $30 per workshop
Take one or all workshops!