Patrick Lang
Wholesale Manager and Workshare Coordinator

I am extremely happy to be returning to the PFP as a 2nd-year apprentice, managing retail sales and shareholder work hours for the 2016 season. I began farming in 2013 here, with a small crew of intelligent and passionate mentors, farmers, organizers, and educators, and I have been strongly drawn to the community ever since. I envision an agriculture that provides food equitably, that contributes to a healthy ecosystem, and that could represent a viable career option for those struggling in the modern economy. The hard work, energy, and passion of folks in the PFP community makes me optimistic with respect to this lofty ideal; I am grateful to be living in the City of Poughkeepsie and farming at the PFP as I continue to explore my own place as a grower, humanist, and environmental steward.

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