Sarah Moley
Gardens Coordinator

"I got involved after I quit my job working in a restaurant, resolved to find something more fulfilling that would sustain me by promising the opportunity to build change, community, and healthy living—and I’ve found that place at PFP. I have always loved gardening and herbalism. I never dreamed I could find such a perfect learning environment to pursue these passions—but I have—in the Meditation Garden and the Community Garden. There is nothing more nurturing than dirt. I have already learned so much from my fellow gardeners and I can’t wait to learn more!”

Hometown:  Boulder, CO

Area of Expertise: Planting seeds and watching them grow

Area of Education: Drama and English

Favorite Veggies:  Artichokes, sugar snap peas, and beets!

Passions:  Creating; effecting change; and healing. The things I love are varied, but they all have three things in common.

Guilty Pleasures: Long baths and long movies

After Hours You'll Find Me: With my cat, working on my next project, while he bites my ankles.

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