Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Minimizing Household Waste to Maximize our Potential

Join us on Monday, July 11th from 6 to 8 pm at the Environmental Cooperative at Vassar Barns for an evening of community and education. Come enjoy light, farm-fresh fare, and learn from our panel of local experts about how we can make our waste stream more efficient. 

Maureen Costura, from The Culinary Institute of America, will explain why an overhaul of our current process of waste disposal is essential. 

Sarah A. Salem, from Zero to Go, will discuss how Zero To Go has transformed the waste stream in Beacon and how their principles can be applied toother communities. 

Cathy Lane, from Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County, will discuss steps we can take every day to recycle and compost. 

Stiles Najac, from Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County, will discuss minimizing food waste.

Poughkeepsie Farm Project’s very own education intern Rachel Pittelman will bring dialogue full circle, answering questions about how properly recycled items are used. Pittelman will also touch upon New York state recycling and waste laws.

Although this is a free workshop, we are encouraging everyone to register so we have a sense of the number of people coming and can plan the space and the refreshments! We hope to see you on July 11th for an evening of engaging discussion.