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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s an alternative, locally-based model of food distribution in which you purchase a “share” in our farm, and receive a weekly share of the season’s bounty. We use this money to buy seeds, equipment, fertilizers and other supplies we need at the start of the season. By the time the first crops are ready to harvest, we’ve sold all of our shares and can focus our energy on growing food instead of finding markets and customers. It’s a farmer-friendly, community-oriented model centered on the sharing of both the risks of the season, and the bounty.

The CSA is just one of the ways we are cultivating a just and sustainable food system in the Hudson Valley. Learn more.

Why choose our CSA?

At Poughkeepsie Farm Project, we offer a CSA with a lot more flexibility and choice than a traditional CSA. Here’s what makes our CSA unique:

good for you and earth.JPG

It’s Good For You, and Good For The Earth.
Our produce is Certified Naturally Grown. This means we follow organic practices and work hard to maintain a vibrant soil ecosystem. As soil farmers, we know that biologically rich soil make for healthier plants and crops that are bursting with nutrients. (Plus, buying local means fewer fuel miles!) Learn more about our growing methods. Our produce is Certified Naturally Grown

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It’s Fresh.
We harvest everything super fresh -- from the farmer’s hands to yours in as little as 4 hours! This direct, field-to-you approach means that we can chose varieties for flavor rather than shelf-life. And as flavor is an indicator of nutrients, you’re getting double the goodness: it’s delicious and nutritious! Find tips to keep your share fresh.

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It’s a Great Value.
Receive anywhere from 10-22 lbs of Certified Naturally Grown, local, fresh, flavor-forward produce each week (depending on your share size) for an average price of $2/lb. Then get even MORE goodness in your share by participating in Pick Your Own at no extra cost! All this, and your dollars are going to supporting the local economy and a living wage for young farmers in the city of Poughkeepsie.

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Choose Your Favorites.
Our CSA gives you lots of choice. We offer a farmer’s market-style CSA pick-up, to let you choose which items you want. Experiment with something new, or bring home more of your favorites! Either way, you won’t have to take home foods you know you don’t like or won’t eat.

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Pick Your Own.
Participate in the joy of the harvest and get even more out of your share! We grow a number of PYO crops (including blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, green beans, flowers, herbs and more) which are all available to you in addition to the produce we harvest every week. PYO is a great way to engage hands-on with the farm and to add up to 5 “extra” items to your share each week.

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Engage With the Farm. 
Our on-farm pick-up is an invitation to spend some time here, to wander and taste, to learn and explore. It’s a chance to get outside, to get some sunshine and fresh air, and connect with a busy ecosystem buzzing and brimming with life.

As a CSA shareholder, you are also a member of the broader organization. Your membership supports our Education and Food Share (donation) programs, and is an important way to engage not just with the physical farm space, but with the mission of PFP.

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Know Your Farmer.
Distribution is a great opportunity to connect with your farmer. One of us is always there to answer questions, introduce unfamiliar produce, or to swap recipe ideas! We also offer a Working Share, which allows shareholders to work a few hours on the farm in exchange for a discounted share. This is a great way to get to know your farm, and your farmers, better.

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Go Local Year-Round.
In addition to our main-season CSA, we also offer a traditional-style Winter CSA with fresh greens from our high tunnels and winter favorites such as carrots, potatoes, parsnips, and sweet potatoes. Combined with our other shares, that’s up to 44 weeks of local farm-fresh goodness!

Visit our FAQ page or check out the shareholder handbook for more information.

Choosing the right share for you

At Poughkeepsie Farm Project, we maximize your options. You can choose your season, your share size and your pick-up day, as well as your favorite produce. As a shareholder, you select:

  • a working or non-working share. If you choose a work share, you get a discount on the cost of your share in exchange for working on the farm.
  • a size: whole share (10 units) or half share (5 units). A “unit” could be 3 lbs tomatoes, 2 lbs carrots or cucumbers, 2 head lettuce, 1 lb kale, 1 bunch beets or herbs, 1/3 lb arugula or spinach.
  • a share season and type, including
    • Full Season Share (23 weeks from June-November): everything from arugula to zucchini
    • Fall-only Share (10 weeks September - November): enjoy the bounty of autumn!
    • Winter Share (16 weeks December - March): fresh greens and winter favorites
    • May Share (2 weeks at the end of May): the first harvest of spring
    • Fruit Share (15 weeks July - November): fruit from our friends at Glorie Farm
  • a distribution day: pick up your share weekly on either Tuesday 3-6:30pm or Saturday 9am-12pm. (Winter Share distribution on Saturdays only.)

Prices vary depending on the size and season you select, and on whether you choose a working or non-working share. View our sign up page to filter your selections and see pricing, or visit our FAQ page for more information.

CSA Partners

PFP is pleased to partner with a few local producers to expand our offerings to our shareholders!

north river roasters.jpg

North River Roasters
Poughkeepsie’s only coffee roaster, North River Roasters (NRR), will be available right here at the farm! 

North River Roasters is Poughkeepsie’s first resident coffee roaster and the area’s only Community Supported Coffee Roaster (CSCR).  Much like the CSA farms in the Hudson Valley, we aim to make high quality, freshly roasted Fair Trade Organic coffee available to the community who wants more out of their cup. We prioritize coffees with interesting flavor profiles that are certified Rain Forest Alliance(RFA) and Fair Trade Organic(FTO) and support farms that provide their workers with fair wages and use sustainable farming methods. When you add a coffee share to your PFP share, you’re joining a group of local coffee lovers interested in trying coffees from different origins, unique blends and varying roasts. Join us on this adventure in coffee - pickups available on Tuesdays or Saturdays at time of PFP distribution. **5% of the subscription cost will be donated directly to PFP!**

back paddock.jpg
back paddock logo.png

Back Paddock Farm
The folks at Back Paddock Farm regularly attend pickups during the regular share season to offer their grass-fed beef. From their About page: 

We are producers of 100% grass-fed beef and log grown mushrooms. Through intensively managed rotational grazing and responsible agro forestry methods, we aim to create efficient strategies to improve our land and ecosystem in a way that mimics nature's perennial processes. Our goal is to produce good, healthy food and to share an understanding of our role in the natural world.