Reducing Hunger, Reducing Waste

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Poughkeepsie Farm Project was the first-ever donor to use the FeedHV food recovery and gleaning app. In delivering our mission of food justice, we are proud to be early adopters of this innovative technology.

FeedHV is the collaborative result of community dialogues with farmers, volunteers, nonprofit agencies and key stakeholders looking to reduce food insecurity in our seven-county region* and mitigate the impacts of food waste. Since inception, Poughkeepsie Farm Project has participated in this vital conversation to find solutions that link our region’s bounty with those who need it most.

FeedHV, the web-based and mobile application powered by ChowMatch, links food donors (including farms, restaurants, catering services, grocery stores, hospitals, universities and more) to nonprofit organizations with food assistance programs through the efforts of a network of volunteers who transport, glean and process donated food.

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As pilot donors, Poughkeepsie Farm Project distributed thirty pounds of kale to the Dutchess Outreach Lunchbox to feed hungry neighbors in Poughkeepsie. We were impressed by the simplicity of the app, and look forward to moving more of our harvest into the community this way!

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Do you want to reduce hunger and food waste in the Hudson Valley? Are you interested in joining our work to create food justice? Sign-up as a volunteer and you can set your schedule, set your geographic parameters and make an impact. As a volunteer, you can pick-up and deliver food between donors and nonprofits; glean from a farmer’s field; or help process fresh produce to be used later. Simply create your profile and complete a short food safety quiz and opportunities in your area will come to you – select those you want, and skip those you don’t.

Learn more about the app and the partnership between Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley and the Hudson Valley Regional Council which brought this project to our region here.

Ready to volunteer? Sign-up today!

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*Dutchess, Ulster, Sullivan, Columbia, Greene, Putnam, and Orange