CSA Members Nourish Their Neighbors!

At the last two CSA distributions of the season, Poughkeepsie Farm Project shareholders participated in the educational food drive initiative “Nourish your Neighbor” (NYN). The program was created by Eat Smart New York, and aims to help provide children who do not have enough food on the weekends with some food assistance in the form of healthy foods from all the food groups!

The previous week, CSA shareholders interested in taking part, picked up lime green NYN shopping bags and a list of suggested groceries to donate. A week later the bags were returned full of nutritious snacks, which were sorted and counted by our awesome volunteers. The donated food will be divided up into appropriate quantities of each food group, and placed into backpacks to be sent home with Poughkeepsie students.

If you are interested in holding your own drive for the NYN program, contact the Eat Smart New York Hudson Valley team at 845-344-1234 or visit their website: http://cceorangecounty.org/food/nourish-your-neighbor

Below are quotes from some of our friends about why they chose to participate in the food drive, as well as some photos of our volunteers:
All photos by Eilif Ronning, PFP Media Intern.