GROWER'S ROW: You'd Better Believe It.

You’d better believe it: Despite the cold and slow start to the season, summer is HERE!  

With the latest wave of heat, our crops -- which have been biding their time, hanging out in the cold soil and growing very slowly -- have really started thriving. In the last week, we’ve watched them take off until they are (in some cases literally) bursting with crunch and sweetness and nutritious vegetal goodness. So! Get ready for the season's first tender vegetables like kale, bok choy, butter lettuce, arugula, summer squash and cucumbers... and of course, PYO strawberries and sugar snap peas.

When you sign up for a CSA, you are consuming something awesome. Here’s why:

Know Your Farm, Know Your Farmer

Our on-farm pick-up is an invitation to spend some time here, to wander and taste, to learn and explore. It’s a chance to get outside, to get some sunshine and fresh air, and connect with a busy ecosystem buzzing and brimming with life. And distribution is a great opportunity to connect with your farmer. We love talking about unfamiliar produce and swapping recipe ideas!

Choose Your Favorites

Our CSA gives you lots of choice. We offer a farmer’s market-style CSA pick-up, to let you choose which items you want. Experiment with something new, or bring home more of your favorites! Either way, you won’t have to take home foods you know you don’t like or won’t eat.

It’s Good For You, and Good For The Earth.

We are Certified Naturally Grown, and work hard to maintain a vibrant soil ecosystem. As soil farmers, we know that biologically rich soil make for healthier plants and crops that are bursting with nutrients. (Plus, buying local means fewer fuel miles!)

It’s Fresh.

We harvest everything super fresh -- from our farm hands to yours in as little as 4 hours! This field-to-you approach means that we can chose varieties for flavor rather than shelf-life, and harvest at peak ripeness. Does it get any fresher than that? Yes… when you pick it yourself! Members get to participate in the joy of the harvest (and get even more out of their share) with PYO strawberries, raspberries, cherry tomatoes, beans, flowers, herbs and more.

It’s a Great Value.

Receive anywhere from 10-22 lbs of Certified Naturally Grown, local, fresh, flavor-forward produce each week (depending on your share size) for an average price of $2/lb. Then get even MORE goodness in your share by participating in Pick Your Own at no extra cost! All this, and your dollars are going to supporting the local economy and a living wage for young farmers in the city of Poughkeepsie.

Get in on it. Sign up today, clear out your refrigerator, grab your baskets and reusable bags, and we'll see you next week under the distribution tent!