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Larissa Pitcher-Alvarado
Garden Assistant 

Hometown: I am from right here! City of Poughkeepsie, New York.

Areas of Education: Associates of Science Degree in Visual Art (A.S), Associates of Science Degree in General Studies

Professional and Volunteer Experience: Art teacher, counselor, and assistant, to: Mid-Hudson Heritage Center, Art Centro, Mill Street Loft, Marist Upward Bound and Barrett, local Artists.... Community Volunteer- Global Bible Teacher , Art Centro, Family Services, Community Health Care, Local food pantries.

Favorite Veggie: I don't discriminate.... As long as it's fresh!

Passions: I have a love for God and his creations. The beautiful, colorful, details of creation inspire me to express it in my love of art, painting and ceramics. My love for God and my neighbor inspires me to love, learn and help my community.

Guilty Pleasures: Good food, cooking, tasting, meeting new people, hanging with friends and family, and traveling

After Hours You’ll Find Me: Studying the Bible; sharing and teaching others about God; creating ceramic collections in the studio; enjoying up-building association; enjoying delicious foods and experimenting with avocados


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