7 Ways Poughkeepsie Farm Project is Better Than Ever!

1) We're here to stay

PFP signed a 25 year lease with Vassar

2) We've had a makeover

Come check out our updated offices, greenhouse, storage facilitates, and wash stations

3) We're expanding

We now officially manage the community gardens

4) We're getting an early start

 May share is open for business


5)We're increasing our impact

In 2014, our yield increased by 24%, which means that our donations  increased too! Donations grew by nearly 50% from 2013. We also reached nearly double the number of education program participants!

6) New faces galore

We welcome to the board team John (Jack) Farrell, Alicia Robinson-Welsh, Zinnia A. Gutowski, Byron Hildenbrand



7) We're improving our member experience.

We redid our website. Isn't it beautiful?!

Join us at an event to learn more about the farm or sign up now to become a member!