Featured Veggie: Tomatoes!

Summer's delight: the tomato

This year at PFP we're growing fifteen varieties of tomatoes. FIFTEEN! But why so many? Well, considering there's thousands of varieties to choose from, I'd say we're being pretty conservative! When summer approaches and your mind turns to picnics and barbecues, turn to this post to grab some great links to recipes, storage tips and a little bit of history to share around the picnic table.

 Recipes for all types:

Slicing tomatoes: Big juicy fruits, perfect for a sandwich.
Paste tomatoes: Less juicy, more meaty, eat fresh or cooked.
Heirloom tomatoes: Lots of variety and very complex, like people.
Cherry tomatoes: One bite, two bites, all gone.

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Source: X

How to treat a tomato:

Counter top? Refrigerator? Serious Eats takes on the debate with some surprising results.

Tomato history and tall tales:

From Love Apple to Poison Apple and everything in between, Smithsonian dives into the history of tomato-culture. 

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Source: X