Plant your skills and watch them grow

We train the next generation of farm educators and food advocates. PFP educators train young adults in farm- and garden-based education, cooking, working with youth, gardening and food systems. Interns facilitate farm visits, cooking workshops, gardening projects, lessons and educational games for youth. 

Our education interns are hired through participating universities and colleges. Please check with your academic institution for internship availability. If you represent a university and are looking for internship opportunities for students, send an inquiry to


Over the course of their internship, education interns will:

  • Build skills and knowledge necessary to provide experiential learning about food and agriculture.

  • Build familiarity with larger networks and resources related to sustainable farming and gardening, food justice and agricultural/environmental education.

  • Build skills and knowledge necessary to plan and manage a garden for educational purposes.

We'll ensure you thrive by providing you:

  • Integrating interns into the hands-on work of the education department accompanied by explanation and discussion about context and methods

  • Offering training, weekly meetings, and education nights

  • Taking field trips to other farms and community food organizations, primarily through CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training)

  • Providing opportunities to teach and share new skills with visitors

  • Ensuring that the work is necessary and meaningful

  • Maintaining a respectful, positive environment

  • Involving interns in the planning and evaluation of our shared work