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In Seeds of the Food System, we grow and save seeds for local distribution and teach seed saving skills to dozens of teens each year. We inspire the application of botanical knowledge and gardening skills as well as a sense of community and self-sufficiency. 


Workshop for Teens

Teens visit PFP and help to grow, harvest, process, test and package locally adapted seeds. PFP educators provide workshops in gardening, seed saving, and food systems. Sessions are open to all teenagers.

Why Save Seeds?

  • Preserve the ancient art of seed saving
  • Conserve biodiversity and genetic resources in an era of vulnerable agricultural monocultures and global climate change
  • Work toward regional sustainability and increase regional food security
  • Preserve cultural heritage
  • Gain public control and self-sufficiency of the seed supply and the food available to eat
  • Grow seeds that are adapted to organic growing practices in the northeast



April- October
Wednesdays 4:00pm-6:00pm


14-18 years old


Phone: 845-516-1100 x4                                                   

Local Distribution

PFP-grown seeds and other seeds are distributed to non-profits and schools that are growing educational or service-based gardens. 

PFP-grown seeds are also made available to gardeners at our annual Plant Sale, through the Hudson Valley Seed Library and at our education events and workshops. Join us at an event!